Ice Cream
Design Embossing

Create Your Edges

Personalize your private book
or THE one for your brand! 
Since 1923 we have been producing tailormade agendas and noteboks for the most famous brands in Austria & the world. Now you can finally get your very own It-Piece! Express yourself with a name- or design customization. And the best of all: For your marvelous brand, we also deliver our books with your company-logo debossing starting with 25 pieces.
Pink Tweed Texture
beige Twill Texture
Charme Texture blue

Your book, your look!

Bored of the little black notebook?! We've got you coverd! We create unconvential books inspired by current fashion- & colort rends. Each book is available in a single edition, so the next ones can be fresh and up to date according to the latest looks! So you better be quick to get your favorite book - as long as it is available!


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